a busy oct.


For October being as long as it is, it sure has gone by quickly!

We have accomplished so much and have much more to look forward to before it leaves us. So, a quick recap is order..

meiko is too cute

The first weekend, I helped out at the dance studio where I teach ballet for a “fall festival” complete with making your own carmel apples. From there I volunteered for the local Humane Society at their “Dogtoberfest” at a local brewery beer garden. Meiko learned to shake.

festive for dogtoberfest

The second weekend, Rob and I finally was able to attend a wedding together this year.  We’ve had, including ours, eight weddings this year.  The real treat was that the wedding was in Madison for a few of our Chemistry friends. It was great to walk home from the reception! Congratulations Adam and Emily!!

right before the wedding

adam and emily!

The third weekend, I went to a dance convention with the dance studio

This past weekend I went to Chicago for the day on Saturday and walked around, shopping and spending time with my friends Frances and Ada.  On Sunday Rob and I went in search of the perfect Halloween costumes. Together, with our buddies who are married we are dressing up as cereal box characters so I spent a great portion (all day) making our costumes! I’m not going to show a photo of our costumes, just a photo of my helper while I was sewing…

sew helpful

Next weekend we are celebrating Halloween with lots of smiles from friends. We are volunteering for the Humane Socitey again and then dressing up with the rest of the town and hopefully winning a costume contest! On Sunday we are running in a 5 mile “mud run” with obstacles, including…mud.

Other than volunteering and smiling, I’ve been working out lots and watching too much HGTV. I have house fever–get me out of this apartment.


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