Spooktacular Weekend!


Rob and I had such a fantastic weekend celebrating Halloween this year!  We have never really gotten “into” the holiday but this year we dressed up with our friends as “The Breakfast Club”–we strolled down State Street in Madison for the annual Freak Fest.  I’m very proud of my craftsmanship as I made both of our costumes without a pattern.

Rob dressed up as Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes, I was the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee.

Tony and Bee

Our friends went as Cap’n Cruch and Toucan Sam from Froot Loops…Meiko stood in for me as the bee while I took the photo.  Aren’t these costumes AMAZING?

cap'n -- tony-- bee--sam

The next morning Rob and I ran with a few other friends in the Madison Mud Run. A 5 mile run that seemed to have us run constantly uphill, over hay barrels, through tunnels of foam, forge a river that was chest deep, and lastly crawl through a pit of mud….all in temperatures under 32 degrees. The group we ran  with also dressed as breakfast cereals, I stuck with the bee…I made Rob a cape to be Count Chocula, there was a frosted mini wheat, snap from rice crispies and toucan sam.  We are looking forward to the May mud run when it should be warmer…

our group after the run

maria and me after the run

after the run!

And I’ll leave you with Meiko in her bee costume, for the third year…she’s loving it just as much as the previous years.  We’ll have to get creative for  next years costume.

bee happy.


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