Happy Birthday, Dad!


Happy Birthday Dad!!

My Dad loves to entertain so it wasn’t a huge shocker that my parents would host our wedding reception at their house.  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving  so I can get a hug from the man who turns another year older, today. :)

In honor of his special day here are some of my favorite photos of my Dad from my wedding day.  Isn’t he so spiffy!

about to walk down the aisle

mom and dad walking back down the aisle

Dancing with Dad

photo booth wall

My Dad and his friend actually made this wall with drywall (the photo is cropped) for our guests to take photos with.

Hope your birthday is a wonderful one! Love you!


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  1. The Photo Booth wall is such a GREAT idea! I have a niece getting married next year who has asked me to take the pictures for her wedding. This would be a great way to make sure we capture all who attend the wedding. It would be nice with all the other family wedding pictures hung around the main picture . . . thinking . . . what a GREAT idea!!!

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