Sitting Pretty.


On Sunday within just a few hours, I found Meiko sitting in all of these spots…

Showering Meiko

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, or how cozy the bed is, if the shower is turned on Meiko bolts to her spot in the bathroom.  Apparently she doesn’t want to miss out at all as to where we are.  I finally put a little bed there for her so she had a little comfort.

Spying Meiko

Meiko likes to sit on top of  her “house” to over look the people walking down the street. She knows everything that goes on down there and will let us know when an untrustworthy dog is walking by. She kindly turned around for me to snap this photo. I am also crazy for putting a bed on top of her house, I know.

Suspecting Meiko

When Meiko sees us putting on shoes or looking like we will be leaving she runs into her house and quickly circles into a ball and waits for us to close the door. I didn’t leave, I was just putting on some new boots (yay!) to show Rob but she made herself comfortable anyways.

Sleepy Meiko

By the end of the night Meiko was ready for bed. She made her way between and under six pillows.

It’s pretty clear by now that I love this dog. :)


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