Updates and New Adventures!


Well that was a quick year and a half  PennyRoulette hiatus!

To catch you up to speed; I’ve been working a full time job in the marketing field, a part time job teaching ballet, going to school, spending (very little) time with Rob and Meiko, and somehow making time for yoga/running.  So, I haven’t really had much free time to write about life or any projects I’ve been working on, mostly because I haven’t had anything really exciting to post about!  The classes I took were really time consuming with writing 55 papers each semester. My days consisted of, work, school, work, yoga, write/study, sleep…repeat.  Since I was a Business and Art Admin. Major in undergrad I have had a few prerequisites to complete before I can enroll in an Occupational Therapy Masters program. I’ve been working on those and still have a few left to take. Slowly but surely without going into (additional) student debt I will get into a program! I took this summer semester off to enjoy having a life, of which I have had in the last few weeks. It’s amazing all the fun activities I have found to do now that I’m not completely consumed with schoolwork.

Now, onto the super exciting part! Rob, Meiko, and I will be moving out to Ithaca, NY this fall! Rob defends his thesis in early September and has already lined up a postdoctoral research job with a large clinical research organization! I’m very proud if you can’t tell by all the !!!!  :)  Due to respect/confidentiality  of the new company and the research Rob will be working on that’s all the information you get to know.  Meiko and I will move out there mid August as our lease ends here in Madison at that time.  I would love to stay here and be with Rob while he defends but it is very hard to find a sublease for 2 adults and a dog for only a month so I’ll get the new place all set up for his arrival mid September!  We found a great little duplex to rent that sits on 5 acres of land very close to the main lake in Ithaca.  Now, all I have to do is find a job and what I want from IKEA to furnish the new place :)

I’ll leave you with a funny photo. Rob and I went to a wedding a few weeks ago…we love photo booths.

Photo Booth Fun!


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