Tour Guide Penny


I love showing off Madison.

It’s such a great city full of constant entertainment, activities, beautiful views, and wonderful restaurants.  Everyone that visits me gets a tour of the (in my mind a really gigantic) campus, complete with picnic point, observatory drive, and the Union Terrace.  I take visitors on a little detour so they can see the beautiful entrance into Madison down John Nolen Drive. I explain the lakes and the isthmus…and those large scary spiders that come along with living in between two lakes.  I make sure to drive by the yoga studio where I practice, down Willie Street, and up Gorham so they can see James Madison park. I really love it here.  Of course, I point out the Capitol and where we are in relation to it with every turn.  I make a pretty good tour guide, if I do say so myself.

Of the restaurants to go downtown; I always start with The Great Dane.  There is a beautiful garden patio behind the building with ivy growing on the cement walls and a slight breeze.  The atmosphere makes it one of the most perfect places to enjoy a beer that was brewed there and a yummy meal.  You really can’t go wrong with The Great Dane.  Obviously, in the winter you wouldn’t want to sit in the garden patio, so it’s a good thing the inside is just as welcoming and delicious.  Another restaurant I recommend if staying for longer than one night is The Old Fashioned, especially for their cheese curds. I have two favorite pizza places in Madison, The Roman Candle and The Glass Nickel.  The Roman Candle offers really unique pizzas, my favorite being the pestoral and Glass Nickel has really yummy standard pizzas. For a quick bite, Burrito Drive serves unique mexican fare. The early risers get to enjoy Marygold’s Kitchen where they cook up breakfast and lunch made from local vendors.  I’m sure there are some really yummy restaurants that I didn’t mention; these are just a few of my favorites.

A few weekends ago 3 of my friends from back home came to visit….here we are at The Great Dane after I showed off the city I love. Thanks for visiting ladies! I’m so happy I was able to be a tour guide Penny one last time before we move.


Great Dane Photo


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