Good little Pixie


I had been growing my hair out since Rob and I got engaged back in 2009 to have a nice updo fo our wedding in 2010. Not sure why I continued to grow out my hair for another 2 years after the wedding, but I’m really glad I did.

About three months ago the Wednesday night yoga instructor I go to (I’ve only missed 2 of his classes all year!) was saying he was going to donate his hair in July. That got me thinking and researching different organizations that I could donate my hair to, too! I would style my hair once a week mayyyyyyyybe. My usual hair regime was to let it dry on my commute into work and within an hour it was up in a ponytail for the duration of the day. So why did I need it? There are so many people affected with different illnesses across the board that would appreciate my hair much more than me and the few days I actually styled it.

I remembered seeing a pretty darn adorable photo of my Mom when she had short pixie hair and continued to ponder if I could pull it off. I “pinned” a bunch of hair inspiration photos of Ginnifer Goodwin and Emma Watson. I even went to and uploaded a photo of myself, put Carrie Mulligans bleach blonde mop on my photo which subsequently caused me to second guessed my decision. I should never have visited that website, I don’t look good as a blonde :) My sister and I look so much like our Mom that I should have just trusted that cutting all my hair off was a good idea…she looked cute, so I hopefully would, too.

Mom as a Pixie–so cute.

While Rob was out of the country (don’t all dramatic things happen when spouses are out of the country?) at a chemistry conference I decided to go visit Marissa at Salon Lola Bella. We put my hair into a ponytail and chopped off the 10.5″ tail. A few minutes later I was transformed into a pixie and my ‘tail’ traveled to Locks of Love to be one of the 6-10 donations needed to create a custom fit wig.

Pixie Penny-20 min. after the cut

I feel more confident with my short hair; I like styling it with a bow. Hopefully the person whose wig is made up of 1/6 th of my hair glows with confidence as well! Just like we learned in preschool, sharing is caring.

Here’s an inspiration pin.



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