Packing Penny.


In two weeks from today we should be pulling up with our Penske rental truck to the house we will be renting.

Rob’s been busy writing his 3million (slight exaggeration) page thesis.  Have I mentioned how incredibly proud I am of him through this writing process?  Well, I am.  His dedication to his work is remarkable.  Meanwhile, I’ve been packing and packing and cleaning and  Meiko has been following me from room to room as I twister through the apartment.   She is a funny little creature needing to know what’s going on at all times.

After a wonderful Saturday full of  Bachelorette party activities (more on that later) I was able to get 23 bins packed away.  I also put a pile of stuff for donation aside and some items into the recycle/garbage yesterday.    It’s amazing to me what, at one point in time was important becomes irreverent and unnecessary at another.  I have rid our residence of way too much stuff.   I believe, with this move, I will be more conscious of what enters our four walls.  You’ve read it here first.  I vow to stay away from the Target $1 spot, to stay away from swag at events, and to only purchase items I know I have a need for. Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean I have to have it.  However; this vow doesn’t include shoes, you can’t have too many shoes.

We no longer have any living room furniture, thanks to our yard sale and craigslist.  So, we moved our guest bed out to the living room.  That way we can use the guest room as a storage area during this time. Very thankful for this extra space to use.  My game plan is to have everything all packed up ready to be loaded into our moving truck the day we pick it up so I can make sure our apartment is sparkling clean.  Our landlord has been amazing to Rob during his 5 years and to me and Meiko during our 2.5 years here.  It will be nice to leave it better then we found it, not to mention it would be wonderful to get our entire security deposit back.

Here’s what progress looks like,

Full bins


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