Meiko Makes the Bed


This is just a funny little Meiko post with photos taken this past winter.

I put our sheets in the washer every weekend. So getting the bed made isn’t anything new to Meiko.  In the winter we have adorable flannel sheets from the Martha Stewart line.  As you might know, Martha has little French bulldogs.  These sheets are of her little Frenchies skiing and looking extra cute in sweaters & scarfs.  Meiko, is a Boston Terrier, but they look very similar to Frenchies.  Having these sheets adds a little whimsy to our bed.  Anyway, our little pooch has a knack for being in the way….clearly.  I want you to know, she placed herself in each of these positions.

Laying Meiko

Who doesn’t like fresh sheets?

Flat Sheet, thanks!

Flat Sheet, thanks!

I’ll just make myself comfortable!

Am I in the way?

Am I in the way?

Ahhhhhhh, thanks for making the bed.  Hit the light on your way out, please!

All tucked in!

All tucked in!


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