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Let me tell you about a wonderful little gem of a space in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. It’s a painting bar called Splash Studio.  You can sit at their bar like you would at any bar but the real experience of Splash Studio comes with either grabbing a “mini painting” for $10; or signing up for the three hour, artist lead guide of the featured painting. Rob and I have gone together a few times and I’ve gone once by myself. Before Splash Studio opened this year, we were invited to participate in the trail opening where we painted Barney in Paris.   Rob painted Meiko scaling the wall in alert to the “meiko call”which looks verrrrrrry similar to the batman call. In another painting, Meiko is on a sailboat–it’s nice she get’s to go on these adventures with us.

Barney in Paris

Barney in Paris–beginning stage

I’m usually drawn to the paintings of landscapes, my favorite being Poppy Field.  I was so excited one particular Friday when I didn’t have anything planned, I looked up the calendar on Splash Studios website and saw that it was the featured painting that night.  So, without any hesitation, I called Rob discussed if I was overlooking any plans, of which, I wasn’t, and drove after work to Milwaukee and painted my little heart out.  There was also a glass (or 2) of yummy wine involved. I love looking at it hanging on my wall, knowing that it was something I created.  Sure, I recreated it.  But I made it my own.  That’s what’s great about Splash Studio.  They give you a place to start and you get to decide if you want to follow each exact step, or make modifications along the way.

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields

A few weekends ago Rob and I went with a few friends and painted “Looking Up.”    The painting is as if you were laying down looking up at the tree branches and leaves.  So, in Meiko fashion, she would be right in front of your face.  I love that all four of our paintings turned out a bit different.

Looking up

Looking up

I made a little modification, too!  I wrote “namaste” into my tree branches.  It’s subtle, but it’s there in the tree on the left side of the canvas.



The night before my half marathon in Milwaukee we stopped over at Splash Studio and created a mini painting. I made my way over to Splash Studio’s library full of art books to gather inspiration for my mini. I ended up painting a river with a grass field by using the techniques I learned in my previous Splash Studio experiences.  Rob and I sat outside sipping our beverages, munching on our wheat thins, painting, and laughing.

Mini Painting

Mini Painting

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a creative outlet? Really, when do adults, get to be creative?  Unless it is your profession, creativity is looked at as a scary option in life.  Sure, a blank canvas is intimidating, but the great group of artists and staff at Splash Studio help you to realize your true potential as a “creative person.”  I’m re-inspired.  We are moving quite a bit of distance away from Splash Studio and I want to continue to paint. Once we get moved in I plan on brinign out my creative side with a canvas, some paint, and of course some wine. :)  Thanks Splash Studio for creating a fantastic enviornment where only smiles exist.

I suggest you “like” their facebook page, found here.  It’s one of the only business that posts helpful, fun, and inspirational information on their page! You might even find a few photos of yours truly in one or two of their albums. :) ….. go get creative!



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