After a quick 40 hours of furniture building and exploring Ithaca, Rob flew back to WI for a month and a half to finish up his experiments and defend his thesis.  I used that time to organize the house, job search/interview, explore, read (a lot!), and immerse myself in yoga.

When Rob first mentioned we might be moving to Ithaca, I immediately did a Google search to make sure there was a yoga studio I would be happy practicing.  Good news for me, Ithaca has about a million studio in a 10 mile radius, so I was in luck.  I stalked yoga websites for weeks and decided Mighty Yoga is where I would find a home for my mat and practice. I was going to try all the studios in town but after understanding the language on each website I just knew I needed to be at Mighty Yoga.   My lovely and generous co-workers back in Madison knew how important yoga is to me and surprise gifted me a one month membership to get me started.

Mighty Yoga

Mighty Yoga

With that, I decided to do a 30 day challenge.  Let me tell ya, I wouldn’t do it any different.   Only positive outcomes resulted from this challenge/commitment to myself.

  • I immediately made friends with similar interests.
  • I instantly had a “family” thanks to the incredibly thoughtful staff at Mighty Yoga.
  • I had 30 days of results, strength, patience, and education.
  • I was hired by Mighty Yoga :)
  • Not to mention, I toned my body. I became a “MightyMe” (get the Mighty Yoga pun?)

Mighty Yoga hired me for a few hours each week to help with the retail merchandising and other misc. studio assisting that is needed.  I am loving this little side gig.  LOVING IT.  I love being a part of a community full of happiness and personal goals.

Tree at Ludllowville Falls

Tree at Ludllowville Falls

Now that Rob is back and that I have a full time job, I usually take a Monday Yoga Hiatus. A little extra time for Ithaca exploring, errands, etc. But once Tuesdays roll around, I’m really ready to get back on the mat! There are several workshops offered at Mighty Yoga so I’m trying to participate in as many as I can; ya know, to be a well rounded MightyMeYogi :)

This past weekend OmSync came to Mighty Yoga.  They are composed of a husband wife duo, he plays great live music while she leads an incredible 2 hour vinyassa flow practice.

OmSync at Mighty Yoga

OmSync at Mighty Yoga

With that, see some of you on the mat!


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