Birds, Falls, and Wine.


Once Rob defended and celebrated his thesis, he packed up the remainder possessions he still had in Madison and drove to my parents house.  From there he and my parents came to Ithaca.  We spent the very short weekend exploring the greater Ithaca area.

A little preface…my Mom is an amateur ornithologist, though I’m sure she is more than qualified to teach any ornithology class out there.  She had been loyally watching The Cornell Lab of Ornithology BirdCams long before Rob and I even knew we were moving here. The birdcams showcased the great blue herons nest and the red-tailed hawks nest.  So once she found out we were moving to Ithaca, she knew exactly where she was going first!  It was a beautiful fall day to walk around Sapsucker Woods through The Cornell Lab of Ornithology paths.

momma bird

momma bird

We were fortunate enough to see some “wildlife” and even one of the blue herons she was following! Good thing Mom brought her own binoculars! Mom, made a few friends along the path that were also loyal birdcam viewers…how cute. They chatted about all the exciting events they witnessed on the cute.



The red-tailed hawks nest is located on Cornell’s campus so we drove around Cornell’s campus to the field hockey/soccer fields.  Mom recognized the location immediately once she saw the light post she had seen from the birdcams.  See what I mean, such a loyal mommabird.

We traveled to the other side of Cayuga Lake to a few wineries (so delicious!) and Taughannock Falls. It is the tallest waterfall in the northeast falling 215ft.  That’s taller than Niagara (!) just not as wide/powerful.  It’s about a mile hike in the woods along the gorge to get to the falls. At one point, Dad was daring enough to walk IN the gorge.

Daring Dad

Daring Dad

At the very end of the hike, we took a right turn and immediately noticed the way the sun hit the top of the falls, it was heavenly.

taughannock falls

Taughannock Falls

There is a great little “only known by the locals” gorge only 3 miles away from our house.  Rob, Dad, and I explored below the fenced area while Mom was on the lookout in case anything were to go wrong.  Dad ventured across the gorge just to prove he could, show off! ;)

Ludlowville Falls

Ludlowville Falls

It was great having my parents up for the quick weekend.  Now they  can visualize where we are when we talk to them and tell them of our adventures.   :) Ithaca tours are available, just let us know when you’re coming!


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  1. Really loved this mini tour of the beauty you are surrounded by. Your folks look great and looks like you all had a great weekend. Can’t wait to see everything for myself. Love you.

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