A NJ “Graduation”


A few weekends ago we visited Rob’s sister and her fiance in NJ for a housewarming party.  On our way we picked up a few items at the IKEA behind the Newark Airport.  We arrived so prepared with a list of exactly what we wanted and were still in the big box store for 2.5 hours.  Now, we didn’t know our way around that IKEA.  Had we gone to the IKEA in Schaumburg, IL I’m sure we could’ve made it in under an hour and a half.  I’m aware of IKEA’s plan to get you to buy more by snaking you around left and right, but come on, we knew what we wanted and desired to get in and to get out. But…I fell into the IKEA trap and purchased a few little items that weren’t on the list.  I am glad we went, we were able to put most of the finishing touches on our home thanks to that trip.

Robs sister lives in a cute little neighborhood and we had a great time at their housewarming party.  We met their friends/coworkers, and even Robs cousin from NYC came in!  Robs sister makes a mean spinach and artichoke dip.  Halfway through the night she surprised Rob by playing  the Pomp and Circumstance March,  pulled out a cap and gown, and popped some champagne!  It was a really fun and cute way to celebrate his PhD!



It was a quick trip and great to visit with everyone! Wish we could’ve stayed longer but the boarding kennel where Meiko was staying has very strict hours of operation. As usual, Meiko was pretty happy upon our return…and we missed our little pigbaby.

happy meeks

happy meeks


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