Ithaca is Gorges


One of the most famous saying around here is:


It’s a pun on how many gorges are around Ithaca and just how gorgeous they/the city are.

Before we moved here, everyone told me Ithaca was really hilly.  I will admit, I was a bit naive.  In my mind, hills are tiny little gradual bumps in the horizon.  The hills here are more mountain-like.  I’m pretty sure my commute is more daring than my sisters, who lives in Vail, CO.  I’ll gladly take these steep hills, because Ithaca really is beautiful.  It’s  especially stunning now that the leaves changed colors throughout the hills. Due to these hills and past glaciers, waterfalls and gorges result.

Rob and I have visited only a few of the 100+ waterfall/gorges located within 10 miles from downtown, with many on our “to visit” list.

Taughannock Falls (Tuh-GAN-ick)

Taughannock falls

Taughannock falls

Ludlowville Falls

Ludlowville Falls

Ludlowville Falls

Ithaca Falls

thaca Falls

Ithaca Falls

Around Cornell’s Campus–sadly, too many (drunk) students jumped into the gorges so now Cornell has fences, making for not as pretty photos.

Cornell Campus

Cornell Campus

We have a lot more exploring of gorges to do, Buttermilk Falls and Treman Falls are next up on our list!


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