It’s a pretty special day today!

It’s my Dad’s birthday! He’s always had my best interest and seems to make a positive spin out of even the gloomiest situations…a trait that most people should adopt.

  • He’s saved me from (in my mind) attacking sting rays at Sting Ray City, Cayman Islands.
  • He’s let me slide down the face of Aspen Mtn., wailing “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh daaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddyyyy”.
  • He’s witness way too many performances of “The Nutcracker”.
  • He’s supported women’s athletics, making sure his daughters had every opportunity that the boys did.
  • He’s allowed me to learn from mistakes I’ve made.
  • Recently; He’s walked me down the aisle to marry Rob.
  • And now; He’s saved me from being swept away by the Ludlowville Falls.  Hehehehe.


Happiest of birthdays, daaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddyyyyyyy!


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