A happy place.


For my Birthday/Christmas this year, Rob got me a fantastic gift;  A season pass to Vail Resorts, it was all his idea, too!!! I’m so excited to spend more than just a long weekend in one of the prettiest/happiest places in the US.  I would say world, but I haven’t really traveled the world, so I’m in the dark on that one.

I just started a new job so I’m not eligible for vacation time until Feb. 1st.  You better believe I’ve already requested and been approved to go out to Vail the Feb. 1st-11th. Now, hopefully the snow gods will be in the skiers favor this year so we can have some nice powder skiing.

It would be really great if this year I could do some back-country skiing on “the minturn mile”.  Apparently it is a powder field at the top of Vail and funnels you into the edge of  Minturn where you have to walk about a mile to the Saloon.  The Saloon serves exceptionally yummy margaritas, so the skiing and walk I’m sure will taste even yummier. Just a little side note; you really only want to venture into the back-country with people who have proper training and knowledge—fortunatley for me, my sister has been through back-country training.   Every time I’ve been out to visit, there hasn’t been enough snow to take the run…which is unfortunate because I really love those margaritas!

There are several runs at Vail that I love.  I enjoy the back bowls, and Blue Ox (occasionally Highline if there’s enough snow), but I realllllllly love Lost Boy.  It’s a green, I’m not going to hide that information.  So, it’s where a lot of novice skiers begin.  I love this run because I’m a carver at heart.    I love to make big, deep carves, gracefully splitting the air as I make my turns.  I love this run so much that when I’m in my final pose at yoga, savasana (corpse pose), I often will replay each turn I’ve made on that run from memory as I lay there, rejuvenating after a power vinyassa class.

This is a photo of my sister, one of Beaver Creeks official ski models.

Mac Attack

Mac Attack

There is a ski resort around here that Rob and I will visit to get our ski legs working again…better start doing some lunges!


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