Weekend Exploring.


You know what’s great? Weekends.  Especially ones that are spent with spouses.  Rob and I have never in our relationship (until this move to Ithaca) been able to enjoy a guilt free weekend, without having to worry about his instrument time/experiments/papers/etc. or my never ending commitments of volunteering/ballet teaching/homework/etc.

It is so great, this weekend concept.  There is time to just sit at the dinner table and stare at each other…or you know, explore the area.

On one of our exploring weekends, Rob and I ventured to a tiny little town called Aurora about 30 minutes north of Ithaca.  It’s home to Well’s College (about 550 students!), some cute little shops, really beautiful homes, and the whimsical/very expensive Mackenzie Child’s headquarters.  If you are new to MacKenzie Childs it’s merchandise includes all hand painted, ceramics, home furniture, tableware, glassware, dinnerware, etc.  The headquarters is very beautiful and fun to look around but with a price tag of  “toomuchformywallet” the only items we will be taking home with us are these photos…we were slightly under-dressed having come from playing tennis/gorge hiking :)

MacKenzie Childs

MacKenzie Childs

Rob looks really in his element here, no? Here’s to more exploring!


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