Before the wedding, my Mom purchased a large chalkboard to create a “to-do” list during the week of the wedding so if someone came over to help prep, she could direct them to the chalkboard and tasks would be completed. I’m sure a spreadsheet could’ve easily been used, but the cuteness of the chalkboard won.

After the wedding, my parents hung it up in their kitchen walkway and used it to keep notes/honey do lists/random thoughts on. When we moved to NY, my Mom gave it to us. It’s perfect for our entrance way, fills up the wall like it was meant to be hung there. I took a few hours one afternoon while Meiko was sunbathing, hauled the chalkboard out to the porch, and created the “home, sweet, home” design.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

It pained me to get a water soaked towel and erase that this past weekend, but I wanted to make the chalkboard fit with the holiday season and decorations around the house. So, I pulled out my handy dandy ruler and got to work. Here is the finished product-it not only greets any guests, it’s also the front of our Christmas card this year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I also crafted the wreath hung on the top right corner of the chalkboard, hidden by Rob’s vertical stature, using an old wire hanger. I purchased about 50 medium/large bulbs and used about 25-30 small bulbs to fill in the spaces. It’s as simple as untwisting the top of the wire hanger, rounding out the shape of the hanger, and stringing the bulbs onto the rounded hanger…I covered up the hook part of the hanger with a big bow, and now I’ve got a one of a kind ornament wreath!

Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath



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