Oh hey, NYC!


This past weekend I drove myself to Brooklyn,  NY to visit Rob’s cousin Katie and sister Molly.

I know it was a TV show… but, seriously, how did Carrie Bradshaw wear heals in NYC? I had my Tom’s on and my feet ended up very unhappy with me.  I’m pretty sure we walked about 8 miles on Saturday alone.



Anywho, one of our first stops was at a FANTASTIC little, itty bitty, tiny, bagel shop.  Ahhh, it was so yummy! I had a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.  All the yummyness was baked on the inside and had cheese & bacon melted on the top.  So good. From the Bagel Shop, we ventured to the Union Square Holiday Market.  We wandered around looking at the different vendors goodies and even found a few Christmas gifts.  After the market, we shopped, ate lunch, shopped some more, got facials, and found our way to Rockefeller Plaza!  What an amazingly beautiful tree.  I was jumping up and down in excitement to see the tree. Really, I was actually jumping, you can ask Molly and Katie. Getting this close was quite the adventure, there were so many people! After gazing at the tree it was time for more shopping, eating, and drinking, so we did just that.

Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza

It was a very fun and fast trip. Next time Rob will have to join me! Thanks for a great weekend, ladies!


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