I’m having a pinch of bitterness currently for a few snow related reasons.

My friends in Madison are living in a winter wonderland after getting a foot and a half of snow in the last couple days.  My friend Maria sent me a few photos from her “snow day” while working from home yesterday.  So pretty, fresh, and quiet.

Madison Snow

Madison Snow

Plus, my (evil twin) sister keeps uploading videos of her skiing, complete with fresh powder, blue skies, and BIG smiles…It really isn’t fair.


Hey, Ithaca- Where is OUR snow?  I was “warned” about Ithaca winters from the locals here when I moved. Everyone was trying to tell me how bad winters are here.  The only bad part of this winter is the lack of  snow.  I guess, for now, I’ll just look at the pretty snow from photos and videos and possibly pout.  Remember, snow makes me HAPPY!




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