half a year of happiness


Last year, as I’ve mentioned several times, I began a regular yoga practice.  I had dabbled a few times with yoga in 2011 and 2010, but never really found a place for it in my life on a regular basis.

I’m proud to report that I attended 184 yoga classes in  2012. (yes, I kept track–and you should too!)  If my calculations add up correctly, that’s a tiny bit more than half of the days in the year.  So ultimately,  I went to a studio, learned about the yoga practice and of myself, every other day last year.   How cool is that? I’m not sure I’ve done anything that regularly, ever(!)…except go to work/school, but that’s not as cool as going to yoga half of the year.  :)

These are the studios where I practiced in 2012;

Some of my favorite/trusty yoga products this past year have been,

The Mat by Luluelemon This mat is amazing.  Since most of my yoga practices are in a heated studio, sweat is abundant. The Mat soaks up the sweat leaving me  stable during my practice without feeling like I’m on a slip and slide.  Some people opt for a towel over their expensive mats, but, I think it’s better to just buy “The Mat” and only carry one item around.

 Prism Pants by Prana As soon as these pants come out of the dryer, they are on.  They have a nice rise to the waist band, and the crop sits nicely below my calves.

 Cool Racerback tank by Lululemon  I have this tank in several different colors.  I’m able to move freely without the tank rising up or down, depending on the position I’m in. The luon fabric is also really nice as it wicks away moisture.

Water bottle by Camelbak  Gotta stay hydrated! My water consumption increased significantly once I purchased these water bottles.

 Headband by Bondi Band Keeps the sweat and hair out of my eyes—I know I don’t look fantastic wearing one of these with my short hair, but it’s yoga, we are (or at least should be) in a judgment free zone.

Here’s to another year of happiness!


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