On Running.


On Sunday I ran my first mile since June 23rd. Why do I remember that day? Oh, it’s because I ran a half marathon along the lakeshore path in Milwaukee with my friend, Maria. The few weeks after the 1/2 the temperatures were in the high 90’s…and that’s too hot for me to exercise outside. Then, we moved across the country, and onto a busy road saying goodbye to all the fantastic running paths and sidewalks. Ah, Madison I miss you.

I waited to join a gym until I weighed my options and figured out my desired workout schedule. I still wanted to go to yoga 4-5 times a week and Crossfit 1-2 times a week. Now I’ll go to our local Planet Fitness for $10 a month (so cheap!) and log in a few miles each week to round out my fitness plan.

Thought about this meme today…while on the treadmill. The few miles I ran weren’t actually the problem, my legs worked just fine; the problem was how long it felt to complete those miles. Mind you, it would’ve taken the same time if i were outside. Running outside is much preferred, change in scenery, movement forward, and there’s no time clock blinking in front of your eyes. But when it’s dark before and after work with no sidewalks, I refuse to run outside on our busy roads. My next trip to the treadmill I will bring something to block the electronic clock.


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