Last weekend, Rob and I went in search of a compost bin.  Yes, we live in an area with 5 acres, but we rent it…it’s not our property.  We didn’t want to build something or dig up land that wasn’t ours.

I didn’t do much research as to pricing or what I wanted out of a compost bin, all I knew is that I wanted one and I’d weigh the pros and cons once we got to the store.  Well, the hardware/garden supply store didn’t really have any compost bins that I wanted to shell out $100 for.  It’s a reoccurring theme for me…I’m cheap. I don’t want to pay money for something that I (or Rob) can make for a fraction of the price. Maybe I’m more cautious with my money than cheap.  Either way, I wasn’t going to spend $100 on a bin for scraps.

I did a few general google searches and found a tutorial for a homemade compost bin.  It was so easy, and only $18 to make.

Here’s what you need

  1. Buy a large plastic garbage can
  2. ½” drill bit and drill
  3. A few bungee cords
  4. Bricks/wood blocks/a pallet

As Meiko and I supervised, Rob drilled 4 vertical sets of 6 evenly spaced holes around the can.He then drilled 6 holes around the bottom of the can.  Then he drilled 6 holes on the top.  The holes allow for rain water and oxygen to  flow through the pile in the can.



We then took the bin out to the horse pasture and set it on top of a few bricks and bungeed the can to the pole.  Once a week/week and a half I’ll roll the bin around the yard, or take a shovel and move the “goodies” inside around.  I’m also considering getting some worms for the compost once I have more “goodies” inside the can.



Nothing like saving $82 and getting some fresh air with Meiko!




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