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Boston Terrier, Love.


I’d really like to spoil Meiko with this amazing food and water tray,

food station

Strangly, Meiko looks JUST like that when she needs some food.

feeder in use.

The company, “These Creatures is committed to donating a percentage of our annual profits to non-profit organizations working to make the world a more livable and sustainable place for all creatures. ” I really love this product, but $175 is out of my price range.

A product that is more in my price range is this cute ornament. It looks a lot like a French Bulldog but we could get away with calling it a Boston Terrier…





I couldn’t resist showing off this photo. It’s too adorable to pass up.

Pika holding onto flowers.

Pika holding onto flowers.

My Dad sent over this photo. I’m sure he would love for me to mention that he saw the Pika while climbing Mt. Holy Cross this past summer at an altitude of 13,500ft! Go Dad.



Every Spring and Summer morning I can remember waking up to the worlds most annoying bird. My sister and I called it the “burrito bird.” I don’t know if the bird was singing or sending out a mating call but it sure was irritating. We called it the burrito bird because it sounded like it was saying Burrito, Burrito, Burrito in it’s bird chirps. Not something we looked forward too.

Something I do look forward to? Chippy.

Precious, right?

Precious, right?

A not-so-creative name for a chipmunk, but a name. Chippy will scurry by my window everyday at work. S/he sits by a small bush and finds something to chew on. Then looks around for about 5 minutes and its off to the next bush.

photo by Ken

***UPDATE*** Chippy is actually a thirteen-striped ground squirrel, not a chipmunk! Thanks, Greg!