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Before the wedding, my Mom purchased a large chalkboard to create a “to-do” list during the week of the wedding so if someone came over to help prep, she could direct them to the chalkboard and tasks would be completed. I’m sure a spreadsheet could’ve easily been used, but the cuteness of the chalkboard won.

After the wedding, my parents hung it up in their kitchen walkway and used it to keep notes/honey do lists/random thoughts on. When we moved to NY, my Mom gave it to us. It’s perfect for our entrance way, fills up the wall like it was meant to be hung there. I took a few hours one afternoon while Meiko was sunbathing, hauled the chalkboard out to the porch, and created the “home, sweet, home” design.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

It pained me to get a water soaked towel and erase that this past weekend, but I wanted to make the chalkboard fit with the holiday season and decorations around the house. So, I pulled out my handy dandy ruler and got to work. Here is the finished product-it not only greets any guests, it’s also the front of our Christmas card this year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I also crafted the wreath hung on the top right corner of the chalkboard, hidden by Rob’s vertical stature, using an old wire hanger. I purchased about 50 medium/large bulbs and used about 25-30 small bulbs to fill in the spaces. It’s as simple as untwisting the top of the wire hanger, rounding out the shape of the hanger, and stringing the bulbs onto the rounded hanger…I covered up the hook part of the hanger with a big bow, and now I’ve got a one of a kind ornament wreath!

Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath





Our old (and favorite) downstairs neighbor who recently moved out to Seattle posted this and I couldn’t help but share.  If it isn’t obvious by now that I love dogs, and especially little (sort of) Meiko look-a-likes.  I’m pretty sure if we had these door stops, Meiko would do the same thing.  Watch out for those door stops!

Also, take a look at this (what I think is) adorable ornament from Target for Meiko…it’s her friend, Rico!.

Rico Ornament

Rico Ornament

A Vaily Good Time!


After spending 34 hours in the car and a whole week on vacation with Robbie I can officially say I’m not sick of him! Good thing since I decided to marry him!! I was sad on Monday morning when I realized I didn’t get to spend the whole day with him and had to return to work.

Rob and Me skiing

Robbie and I skied a few days at Vail.  Only about 28% of the Mountain was open due to lack of the fluffy white stuff, which seems like it’s not that much but we didn’t even ski all of the 28%; it’s that big!  One of the afternoons Mac was able to meet up with us and take a few runs, It was easy to spot which way she went in her green jacket and red snow pants!

Mac and Me at the top of the Gondola

MacKenzie works at a really fancy/expensive seafood restaurant called Montauk where we visited her at the bar and had really yummy lobster macaroni and martinis.  The wait staff was really confused when they saw me sitting there and then saw Mac bopping around.  Some of them caught on that we were twins….I heard a “there is a girl that looks JUST like Mac at the bar!” a few times.

Me and Mac and Montauk

Karrisa and Rob at Montauk

The  hockey team Mac and Karrisa play for had a friends and family night since everyone’s family was in town for the holidays so Rob was able to play with everyone and I sat in the stands with Meiko.  I believe Rob was the only one WITHOUT full pads, he had some under his Redwings shirt but I bet he would’ve like to have had butt pads, too! Here’s Rob trying to score a goal on Mac…

Rob in Red, Mac in Yellow--blocking the goal

Meiko's watching the game

Four of our meals we ate at Moe’s in Lionshead at Vail.  They have amazing pulled pork sandwiches, banana pudding, and macaroni! For only $9 you get the sandwich, your choice of 2 sides, and a drink—for anyone that’s been to Vail, that’s a STEAL! Everything is overpriced in Vail, so overpriced the gas stations don’t even put the prices up on their displays.  I guess that’s the price you pay for living in paradise.

us at Moe's!

Going on vacation with Meiko was a real treat! It was so nice to come back from skiing and be tackled by her kisses and love.  She was such a good traveler, sleeping 16.75 of the 17 hours there, and 17 of the 17 hours back! I think Meiko had a great vacation too; she was spoiled with love and got a few special presents from her GrandPawents; A snuggie and some very durable squeaky toys!

meiko in her snuggie

Robbie got some really great shoes, and I got the best present ever….spending time with Rob, Mac Karrisa, and Meiko.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll get made fun of because it’s really not that funny… I had a VAILY good time –get it? Vaily instead of very… I know, I know.

sorry for the poor quality photos, I neeeeeeeeed more than just my iphone camera.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!

This year, we’re out in Colorado spending the holidays with MacKenzie and Karrisa! While we’re having a blast skiing and spending time with them this Christmas is a little different for us since we aren’t spending it with our parents. I guess that means we’re finally grownups with our own agendas…that’s hard to grip. (miss you Mom and Dad!)

I loved when I was growing up opening the Christmas decoration boxes and walking down memory lane with each ornament. The ornaments we made in school were always so fun to look at as well as all the numerous different ballet ornaments I’ve been given…I don’t think Rob knows how ballet oriented our tree will be in the future! The year we moved out of the house my mom started a new tradition for her tree, packed up all our ornaments and shipped them our way. Now her tree has a few hundred personalities other than just our family ornaments.

Here is her whimsical elf tree.

o'christmas tree.

Here is a close up!

layers of elves!

My parents tree is so much fun to look at! There are layers and layers of elves in the tree, not just on the front branches. My mom jokes (at least I think she’s joking) about taking attendance for all the elves, not a bad idea when you have so many! I’m always on the look out while at garage sales or thrift stores hoping to find a new addition to her elf family. The elves don’t stop just at the tree. You never know where they’ll turn up! There’s one in the bathroom, on the bookshelf, one taking a nap, and one overlooking the porch…

a few from the collection

Did you find the elf sleeping on the job?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! Rob, MacKenzie, Karrisa, Meiko and I wish you joy and happiness—now it’s time to go ski!

On The Road Again.


We’re all set for our 17 hour road trip to Vail; we’ve got a full tank of gas, best friend (meiko) in tow, and a car full of smiles Here’s to a safe drive and good music to be played.

As my father always said while making sure we had everything we needed for our trip, “ski’s, boots, poles, gloves” I think we have everything needed to make this a great trip!

See you soon MacKenzie and Karrisa!

–update–we’ve made it through Iowa, now it’s robs turn to drive :)

Boston Terrier, Love.


I’d really like to spoil Meiko with this amazing food and water tray,

food station

Strangly, Meiko looks JUST like that when she needs some food.

feeder in use.

The company, “These Creatures is committed to donating a percentage of our annual profits to non-profit organizations working to make the world a more livable and sustainable place for all creatures. ” I really love this product, but $175 is out of my price range.

A product that is more in my price range is this cute ornament. It looks a lot like a French Bulldog but we could get away with calling it a Boston Terrier…


Christmas Decor.



     Besides her Santa, my mother does have a talent for decorating.


The entrance way in my parents house has a seasonal purpose.  This Christmas and for Christmases to come, my parents rooted through all of the photographs to find five perfect Christmas images.  Matched with eclectic frames, some gold ribbon, and two decorative ornaments, they are bound to have a “Merry Little Christmas.”  

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor



Christmas Decor Photos.

Christmas Decor Photos.