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dancing weekend


After the Saturday 3:30pm, 6:30pm and Sunday 1pm shows my complete body was exhausted.  Not only did I dance in 3.5 routines I also helped to chase down 3-18 year olds to make sure they were where they needed to be.

For me, this was the best recital I’ve been apart of while I’ve been dancing/teaching at Spotlight.  All the “older” girls did a variation to the Sleeping Beauty ballet within the recital. I heard great reviews with having a ballet production within the recital.  I had a minute solo as a “gift” to Sleeping Beauty and then was joined by  two beautiful dancers who just started pointe.

gift to sleeping beauty

For our Teacher Dance, not that we wanted to but we waited until the morning of the recital to choreograph our piece…there just isn’t any time to teach ourselves a dance when we have hundreds of other dancers to worry about!  Our dance turned out great and each teacher was give two counts of eight to showcase a little of our talent. Along with some turns, I kept it simple with a leap…

teacher dance

The green in our costumes glowed in the dark and there were a few sections where we had black light on. I can’t wait to see the video to see how the dance turned out but I’m pretty sure we rocked it.


I’m so proud of all of our dancers; they truly did a great job and worked so hard for our three performances this past weekend. Now with the recital checked off my list and our wedding is exactly one month from today I’m ready to focus on my daytime job and finishing up wedding plans….though, I can’t wait for our summer session to begin at the end of June!

**the first two photos are by KJay Photos. and the third is from my camera.



Performing in 5 dances, three ballet-one lyrical-one hip hop, with bruised toe nails, swollen feet, and an exhausted body later–I’d say it was a successful recital weekend.
my flowers!

my flowers!

I’m so apprecative of the all the people who came to watch! Thanks to all who sat through the show.  It really means a lot to me.  Much love to my mom who made the 5+ hour drive to repay her dues for missing a few recitals when I was a little girl.  I think her debts are  all taken care of.  

soaking feet.

soaking feet.

I toted in my pan from home to have an ice bath for my feet in, before and after each show…I’ve never had such sore feet like this before.  I’m not going to post a close up photo of my big toes, it’s not a pretty sight.


jai ho costumes

jai ho costumes

My solo turned into a quartet, which was fine by me.  My creative juices weren’t flowing and it turns our choreographing with three others is amazingly fast.  We started on Tuesday and finished Friday afternoon, just in time for the big show on Saturday and Sunday.  In addition to choreographing I had three more costumes to make (for the quartet) and altering of the bazillion costumes I made, not to mention  two dress rehearsals making for one busy week.  I’ll have photos soon of all the costumes I created.  For now, it’s time to rest and prepare for the next recital…in August.

Not so Sari.


I couldn’t wait…so, I made my Sari. Which I completely left out of my list posted below!

The Sari.

The Sari.

It turned out much better than any of the costumes I found in the 8 different dance catalogs I looked through. But looking at it on the hanger, it looks sort of dull.  In May I’ll post a photo of the costume on. By sewing this myself I saved so much money–the total cost was $17.00 as opposed to the $60 plus shipping from the dance catalog.

I’m taking any suggestions you might have for my Jai Ho choreography…if a writer gets writers block then I guess I have dancers block.

Costumes Queue.

sewing genie pants

sewing genie pants

Costumes to sew…

  • 8 Togas
  • 12 Genie Pants
  • 8 dress capes
  • 2 hip-hop outfits
  • hand symbol elastics
  • toreador cape
  • 16 mesh masks

HOLY MOLY! What did I get myself into? Thankfully, from that  list I get to cross off the following…

  • 8 Togas (4 done)
  • 12 Genie Pants (YAY!!!!)
  • 8 dress capes (halfway done!)
  • 2 hip-hop outfits-(waiting on the samples to  come in…tick tock, tick tock)
  • hand symbol elastics (this will take an hour all together I think, its my goal to get these done by Thursday)
  • toreador cape (goal to get done by Thursday)
  • 16 mesh masks (this will probably be the last on my list to do…to be honest.

Looks like I have a lot more on my sewing queue that I had thought.  I should have written this down earlier… Next week will be great, the kids are on Spring Break so I don’t have dance after work and can sew sew sew! I will also need to find some time to choreograph my solo…hopefully that will happen before May 15th, the day before the show.

I do want to give a shout out to my Mother, for helping me sew the genie pants, on her birthday! I’m so lucky!

So, Sari.


As if I didn’t have enough to sew for the may dance recital, I decided to add a couple more responsibilities on my “to do” list.

I will now be in 5 different dances instead of 4.  Originally, I was in hip-hop, lyrical, soft shoe ballet, and  pointe pieces. On Monday I asked if I could do a solo after watching Slumdog Millionaire and hearing the award-winning Jai Ho song from the soundtrack.  Since the theme of the recital is “around the world” I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a fun pointe solo to it.  That alone added the task of choreographing a piece but then I didn’t find a costume I liked enough to pay $60 for, so, consequently I’ll be sewing my costume.  I’m thinking it’ll be a modified Sari, that will allow me to move gracefully.

Costume Fabric

Costume Fabric

I found some beautiful fabric yesterday for my Sari. Hopefully I’ll make Bollywood proud with my creations.  I’m most eager to make my costume, but for now, I need to keep sewing genie pants and togas!



This weekend, I have big plans.


Sewing. Sewing. And more sewing. I volunteered my time to sew about 30 costumes for the dance recital coming up in May. The theme is “around the world” so I’m making some Genie pants, togas, capes, and little red white and blue hip hop jumpers. I have no excuse not to get a good portion of the costumes done now. Before I would have to haul out my sewing machine, set it up on a rickety folding table, sew, and then have to pack it all up again. But now, I have a sewing area!


Sewing area

Sewing area


Rob will use the space, for studying if I’m not using it so it’s a dual purpose area. I told Rob what I was looking for and he picked out what you see in the photo when we were at IKEA last weekend. I’m really not that needy, these were my specs: Desk area small enough to fit in the space but has enough room to sprawl out and leave my sewing machine up at all times, storage, light, and pretty to look at. I think Rob did great with the use of red on the desk legs and the shelving unit on the wall.


Go Rob.


So, that’s my new sewing area, for now. I’ll be adding little details here and there so it’s not so “IKEA” looking, even though it is. OH! I also plan to find a chair to redo. I’ll show photos when I find one worthy of my space.