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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!

This year, we’re out in Colorado spending the holidays with MacKenzie and Karrisa! While we’re having a blast skiing and spending time with them this Christmas is a little different for us since we aren’t spending it with our parents. I guess that means we’re finally grownups with our own agendas…that’s hard to grip. (miss you Mom and Dad!)

I loved when I was growing up opening the Christmas decoration boxes and walking down memory lane with each ornament. The ornaments we made in school were always so fun to look at as well as all the numerous different ballet ornaments I’ve been given…I don’t think Rob knows how ballet oriented our tree will be in the future! The year we moved out of the house my mom started a new tradition for her tree, packed up all our ornaments and shipped them our way. Now her tree has a few hundred personalities other than just our family ornaments.

Here is her whimsical elf tree.

o'christmas tree.

Here is a close up!

layers of elves!

My parents tree is so much fun to look at! There are layers and layers of elves in the tree, not just on the front branches. My mom jokes (at least I think she’s joking) about taking attendance for all the elves, not a bad idea when you have so many! I’m always on the look out while at garage sales or thrift stores hoping to find a new addition to her elf family. The elves don’t stop just at the tree. You never know where they’ll turn up! There’s one in the bathroom, on the bookshelf, one taking a nap, and one overlooking the porch…

a few from the collection

Did you find the elf sleeping on the job?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! Rob, MacKenzie, Karrisa, Meiko and I wish you joy and happiness—now it’s time to go ski!




Don’t get me wrong, the big box craft stores like, Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby have the necessary tools to assist in a DIY project but the fabric selection, I’ve learned to…settle with.  Every time I’ve had a new project to reupholster, I’ll head into Jo-Ann’s, bolt to the back of the store and cross my fingers that a new pattern will be on display.  I’ll normally wind up buying a yard or two of any fabric just because I’ve spent 30-45 minutes searching for products made up in my mind.  

Just last week, I stumbled upon Amy Butler’s fabrics.  It was like she went into my design style and printed the exact prints I wanted!  Unfortunately, one can’t buy Amy’s fabric’s on the website, but she does have a page that tells you where you can find her fabrics, Jo-Ann’s being absent from the list, no kidding.  

With Amy’s fabric I, re-reupholstered the chair below, because the Jo-Ann’s fabric just didn’t cut it!

 oh, and the chair, I rescued from St. Vincent de Paul, for $4!  It will look nice with my dream desk.

Green Thumb


I spent many summers picking dead heads off of the flowers in my moms fantastic garden, but I’m not too sure if that was enough to qualify me to have plants in my life.  We all know MacKenzie got the landscape gene/green thumb.   I’ve already put one begonia down to rest this summer.  I don’t really blame myself for the whole death of the plant.  When I went to purchase it, a wasp decided it wanted to sit in my car seat.  When I went to sit down the wasp stung me and the begonia went flying out of my hand, in slow motion.  So, that probably didn’t help my cause.  I bet hydration would’ve helped, too.  

Friday I picked up a cute little yellow pot at a garage sale so naturally I needed a plant to put in it.  While I was at the nursery I picked up my second and third begonias of the year, and was given two others for free! (Yay!) I asked the woman to help me pick the plants with the most potential.  We’ll see, I don’t want to let those dead heads down…

during the day the blinds are up so they can get some sun

during the day the blinds are up so they can get some sun

Pick More Daisies


The other day my friend Ada took me and Mekio for a walk around her neck of the woods.  She pointed out a really adorable shop called Pick More Daisies saying I would just love it.  I knew I liked Ada for a reason. She’s always looking out for my best interest, and sure enough I loved the shop. The curb appeal displayed an antique chair totally revamped and upholstered in a modern way.  It would’ve been nice to sit in that chair all day and watch the Willie Street pedestrians walk by…what a life.  The shop is filled with new and vintage products, often side-by-side. The products range from tiny tiny trinkets, soaps, furniture, flatware, jewelry, you name it they have it.  I was running out of time to look around, today but I have a stinkin’ suspicion that I’ll return ever so quickly.

I’m feeling drafty.


I’m on this must get organized, complete my apartment kick.  Ever since I moved to here and into my own apartment Ikea.com has been in my bookmark bar for constant review.  My last apartment was a Studio. Just big enough for my full size bed and dresser.  I was kidding myself when I thought I’d be able to fit my ideal desk in that tiny cube I called home for 10 months. Now that I’ve moved into my spacious 745sf one bedroom, I’ve been able to think about how I want my desk life organized.   Ikea has this online option to check to see if the store near you has the item you love in stock.  For 10 months now Ikea has been out of my perfect desk.  The reason I’m in love with this desk is the Trestle legs have a shelf allowing for little use to the legs.  BUT, the best part,  the top can lay flat or if you are feeling extra drafty you can raise the top on an angle. 

Maybe luck will be on my side when I go down to Ikea on Saturday and my dream desk will be sitting in a corner with a light shining down on it waiting to go home with me.  Maybe.