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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!

This year, we’re out in Colorado spending the holidays with MacKenzie and Karrisa! While we’re having a blast skiing and spending time with them this Christmas is a little different for us since we aren’t spending it with our parents. I guess that means we’re finally grownups with our own agendas…that’s hard to grip. (miss you Mom and Dad!)

I loved when I was growing up opening the Christmas decoration boxes and walking down memory lane with each ornament. The ornaments we made in school were always so fun to look at as well as all the numerous different ballet ornaments I’ve been given…I don’t think Rob knows how ballet oriented our tree will be in the future! The year we moved out of the house my mom started a new tradition for her tree, packed up all our ornaments and shipped them our way. Now her tree has a few hundred personalities other than just our family ornaments.

Here is her whimsical elf tree.

o'christmas tree.

Here is a close up!

layers of elves!

My parents tree is so much fun to look at! There are layers and layers of elves in the tree, not just on the front branches. My mom jokes (at least I think she’s joking) about taking attendance for all the elves, not a bad idea when you have so many! I’m always on the look out while at garage sales or thrift stores hoping to find a new addition to her elf family. The elves don’t stop just at the tree. You never know where they’ll turn up! There’s one in the bathroom, on the bookshelf, one taking a nap, and one overlooking the porch…

a few from the collection

Did you find the elf sleeping on the job?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! Rob, MacKenzie, Karrisa, Meiko and I wish you joy and happiness—now it’s time to go ski!


Boston Terrier, Love.


I’d really like to spoil Meiko with this amazing food and water tray,

food station

Strangly, Meiko looks JUST like that when she needs some food.

feeder in use.

The company, “These Creatures is committed to donating a percentage of our annual profits to non-profit organizations working to make the world a more livable and sustainable place for all creatures. ” I really love this product, but $175 is out of my price range.

A product that is more in my price range is this cute ornament. It looks a lot like a French Bulldog but we could get away with calling it a Boston Terrier…


Good Karma


I must’ve done something right last week! Our trip to Ikea was successful. There wasn’t exactly a light shining down on my dream desk in a corner, but I did get the second to last one in stock!  The trestle legs weren’t in, in the white color, so when we came home I spray painted the pieces before we put them together.  Let me tell you, I LOVE this desk.  I can spread out my work on either side of me.  I can also put important items under the glass and still see them without having them clutter the top of my desk.  I’m really living now. Meiko is too.  She likes to sit under the desk on my feet while I’m working.  

While at Ikea, it’s impossible to leave without accessories. 1) because they are so cheap. 2) they are so cute 3) product placement…all three get me every time!  I’m attached to my two bowl lights that sit on top my desk.  They have a delicate flower pattern which is beautiful when lit or when turned off.  They also set off a nice amount of light, which we all know is important.

I know the wall is very empty and I’m already on it with ideas.  I’m going to hit up the flea market this weekend and try to find some neat colorful frames and possibly some prints, too. I’m sure Estsy.com will contribute to decoration as well.  The chair, I purchased from St. Vincent de Paul for only $4. I love the arm rests, although I don’t think I’ve used the them. Someday I suppose I will need them and I’ll have them. I plan to paint it white and reupholster it with a green printed fabric. 

pretty flower printed

pretty flower printed lamps


can't wait to get something on the wall!

my dream desk - can't wait to get the wall decorated