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Pig baby.
The Boston Terror.

Really, anyway you say her name, she’s a funny little creature. See?


How is that comfortable?


Meiko Shakes!


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with Meiko to teach her how to be a “real dog” in the terms of my sister and shake.

On Friday night and many treats later, Meiko got it!

After looking at this video and hearing feedback from friends, I’m the one who is a little excited…

On The Road Again.


We’re all set for our 17 hour road trip to Vail; we’ve got a full tank of gas, best friend (meiko) in tow, and a car full of smiles Here’s to a safe drive and good music to be played.

As my father always said while making sure we had everything we needed for our trip, “ski’s, boots, poles, gloves” I think we have everything needed to make this a great trip!

See you soon MacKenzie and Karrisa!

–update–we’ve made it through Iowa, now it’s robs turn to drive :)

Boston Terrier, Love.


I’d really like to spoil Meiko with this amazing food and water tray,

food station

Strangly, Meiko looks JUST like that when she needs some food.

feeder in use.

The company, “These Creatures is committed to donating a percentage of our annual profits to non-profit organizations working to make the world a more livable and sustainable place for all creatures. ” I really love this product, but $175 is out of my price range.

A product that is more in my price range is this cute ornament. It looks a lot like a French Bulldog but we could get away with calling it a Boston Terrier…


work work.


Since I spend, like many of you,  40 plus hours at my work desk.   I think it’s important to have a little “personailty” at your desk.  When I first started here I only had the photo of  Rob and I up.  Over the past 8 months I’ve accumulated a few extra details.

desk items

desk items

The pine box, I mosaiced with a colorful plate I smased up, and  grouted with a sand color.  It holds my handwarmers, bobbypins, chapstick, and headphones.  Then I have a pretty little paper note holder.  I’m not a huge fan of sticky notes.   Then there is my beautiful coaster from Anthropologie.  I gave my mom 3 for her garden house and i kept 5 for my apartment and at work.  It’s made with little beads, and adds a little elegance to my desk, I think anyway.

I left out my PC at work  in the photo but it sits up above my little treasures, …I’m an Apple girl :) at home.


I got a cute card today from my new friend, Katie! It will be a new addition to my desk, I’m a sucker for anything Meiko!

boston terrier love.

boston terrier love.

The little stuffed animal is a boston terrier. Its from a happy meal when the movie Hotel for Dogs came out.  I put a name tag on it and Meiko is always sitting with me….you can call it lame, but I think it’s cute.



Let me first start off by saying I’ll admit I’m crazy for doing this to Meiko.  But in my defense, she needs them in this Midwest winter.  

Meiko in her booties.

Meiko in her booties.

These booties are crucial to Meikos well being.  The poor little pups paws freeze up and she refuses to finish her “business” outside.  One time she came and stood on my feet in effort for me to feel sorry for her and bring her back in. It worked and I had a little mess to clean up inside shortly after.  So I guess the booties are crucial for my well being as well!

Every morning on my way to work I see parents walking their kids to school with dogs in tow and even the big dogs have booties on, so see, I’m really not that crazy. I’ve been searching for a pair for awhile and today we found the perfect booties on sale for only $8!  

Meikos first bootie walk went well, she was running around (more like prancing) in the snow, did her business outside and didn’t freeze up.  SUCCESS! 

Post walk, warm paws!

Post walk, warm paws!