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R and B.


This photo was taken 3.5 years ago and is still one of my most favorite photos of us.



It was one of our first photos together, can’t you tell by our over the top “i’m in love” smiles?! Six months from today I’ll bet we will be sporting the same smiles at our wedding!

Since this photo we have, graduated from Aquinas, moved to Madison, I’ve acquired a “big girl job”, Rob has made it through 2.5 of the 5 years of Bio-Analytical Chemistry doctorate program, adopted meiko, traveled and explored around the country, become engaged, have been planning a cottage chic wedding, and continue to learn from each other. Aww.


Don’t fly away!


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve sent out our save the dates so almost everyone should have received their copy.

We talked about doing the ever so popular save the date magnets.  We were  then quickly reminded that not everyone has a magnetic fridge…my parents being among that short list. So we decided to go the postcard route.

I thought about using vistaprint.com for  the printing.  When you sign up for their emails, they’ll send you at least an email a day, but in those emails you’ll find free products offered ALL THE TIME.  The printing would’ve been free after I had clicked on the email but I would’ve had to pay the $7 shipping charge, not so bad, eh?  However; we decided not to wait for the order and take the files I created to Officemax…all by myself in Illustrator, I might add.  Not the easiest program to use, so, go me.  Officemax had the postcards printed and cut within 30 minutes of walking through the door.  The whole reason behind not waiting was so that we could get them in the mail sooner rather than later (trying to avoid heavy holiday mail traffic!)   By going this route, I had created the files, had them printed and addressed/stamped all within 24 hours.  I think it was worth the extra couple dollars not having to wait.  Plus I was able to have my Grandmother and Mom help their opinions and addressing! Here’s the finished product!

save the date front (rob is flying away)

One thing I wasn’t going to compromise on was having rounded corners, I think postcards look 10times better with rounded corners. The back says, “don’t let this day fly away!” (Get it? Because Robbie’s flying away?)

save the date back

What do you think?!

Project Wedding.


When Rob and I first got engaged I was anti wedding website.  I thought it was just one more thing for the bride to be to worry about, guests will get invitations they’ll have everything they need to know…why bog them down with one.more.wedding.item?

Turns out…wedding websites are actually pretty helpful.  With everyone so busy, it’s nice to to give fair warning and to help guests with hotel accommodations.  Unless you are our close family or went to college with us, you wouldn’t know how we met or who our wedding party is.

wedding website

I didn’t really search around for sites to use but my friend Stephanie did! Stephhas the same job as I do ANNNNNNND is getting married the same day as me, but in Iowa! It’s fun to keep track with each other of what we’re up with wedding plans as well as what we’re working on at work.  She had done research on which site to use, made a projectwedding site, so I thought I should, too. Thanks for all your hard work Steph!

Here is our site! Take a look! Hope it helps with planning :)


Engagement Photos!


A couple weekends ago while we were in Grand Rapids for a wedding we met up with our photographer Genevieve McKeiver to take our engagement photos.  We had so much fun with Gen-she made us feel so comfortable! These are a few of  the photos she put up on her blog–thought I should share, too!









All photos in this post were taken by the amazing Gen! If you’re in need of a fantastic  photographer please check out her other work, shoot her an email, she is wonderful to work with!

and we’re off!


After my last post, nothing has deemed important enough to share! How do you follow up and engagement post?

I know, I know…. I said I wasn’t going to blog too much about the wedding process, but honestly that might be harder than I thought, since it’s consuming any and all of my free time.  Thankfully I have a very talented wedding planner, my mother.  Between everyone’s ideas she’ll make it happen beautifully!

So far we’ve got the date set… June 19th, 2010.

Bukowski Chapel-Aquinas College

Bukowski Chapel-Aquinas College

The Chapel is booked.

reception site...

reception site...

The reception site held, my parents house on the lake.

fianceed couple.

fianceed couple.

And a great man to walk away with at the end of the night. I think we’re off to a really great start.

I have a new favorite quote, it goes like this…

“Being engaged is easy, you’re doing all the work.” Said by my great fiancé.  Which is true, I am doing most of the work right now, making phone calls and doing research but trust me, he’ll have his fair share in wedding planning…

Miss. —> Mrs.


If my biggest dilemma right now is that it’s way too difficult to take a photo of an engagement ring, I think I’m doing just fine…

day after the proposal

day after the proposal

I’m engaged to a wonderful, smart, handsome man.  I can’t wait to spend every day from here on out as the happiest days of our lives together.

Rob got down on one knee Saturday night with his grandmothers engagement/wedding band and asked me a simple question.  I’m so honored to have this ring.  It’s an heirloom representing love over many decades.

the ring. :)

the ring. :)

I’m going to try super hard not to blog about the whole process because I want there to be an element of surprise for my guests. So, that’s good news,  in a year there will be lots of posts!