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For me, one of life’s little pleasures are my handwarmers.  I have several pairs.  It’s a (somewhat) easy and mindless craft to partake in while sitting on the sofa.  For those knitters out there, it’s simple, cast on 32 or 36 then,  knit a row, pearl a row, knit a row, peal a row…OR if you want to get fancy knit four, pearl four, knit four, pearl four.

I love my handwarmers because I can sit at my desk with my fingers exposed and still beable to type and go along my business. As well as being function-able, they offer a slight padding to the wrists while typing.

My last semseter at Aquinas I had an independent Study in Advertising.  We had to come up with a product and do several different styles of advertising for the final.  I came up with “iWarmers.” I had a great commercial, with a theme song and everything. At that point, I had only made one pair so I opened up photoshop and did a little altering!