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Heart Day, Love.


My Valentine, Rob is a sweet-sweet man.  We’ve never done anything for the Halmark holiday in the past 4 years and this year we decided to stick with tradition, or so I thought.  The Thursday before he surprised me with a cute little box, I guess he was just too excited to wait until Sunday…and that’s just fine with me!!

Inside the box were the amazing David Bacco Chocolates!


Rob was able to choose 4 chocolates he thought I’d love best, aren’t they pretty?! He chose- Saffron Truffle, Peppermint, Tahitian Vanilla, and a Milk Chocolate Silk, I really loved the peppermint one.

David Bacco Chocolates

By the way, cards don’t count as presents but I just think Valentines Day cards, are adorable.

This was last years card I got Rob–the inside says “Iguana love you forever” AWWWWW!

iguana love.

This year…the inside says “I’m so glad I found you.”

space love.

I’m so happy Rob got me some beautiful and delicious chocolates. As much as we ladies out there say we don’t want anything for Valentines Day, we lie.   :)


Toodaloo ’09


I’m thrilled to be welcoming in 2010; though, some pretty great milestones happened in 2009 that I’m so thankful to have been apart of and I’d like to share.


Celebrated Rob turning a quarter of a century..

Burnt just about every single meal I tried to make in the oven…I think it’s broken, I can’t be THAT bad of a cook!

Took a private jetto Vail.

Watched Meiko chase Jack around my parents yard.

Still love Meiko kisses.

Sewed a million and one dance costumes.

Traded in my Michigan drivers license for a WI one.

Traded in Little Blue for the Tucson.

Performed in a May, August, and December dance performance.

Enjoyed watching the little girls I teach dance on stage.

Stood up as a bridesmaid for the wonderful Jessica and Steve Westbrooks wedding.

Jessica's beautiful bridal party 9/19/09

Attended the beautiful Natalie and Jesse Adkins wedding.

Natalie's in the White ;)

Attended Robs cousin,  Jamie and Tom Weibel wedding.

Took a road trip to visit my friend Stacy.

Spent many wonderful Wednesday nights with Ada and Frances.


Enjoyed ice skating in a park across the street.

Made some great new friends,and cherished current friendship

Purchased Meiko winter booties for her precious paws.

Installed my One2Flush—seriously if I can do it, anyone can!

Spent many weekends on the road to MI visiting family and friends.

Treasured the time spent with my awesomely awesome sister.

Macker and Me

Shopped  Black Friday with my amazing Grandmother.

Oh yea…

And I got ENGAGEDto a wonderful man and my best friend, so I’ve done a lot of wedding planning, too!

toodaloo, '09

Bring on 2010–there are so many memories I can’t wait to have!

A Vaily Good Time!


After spending 34 hours in the car and a whole week on vacation with Robbie I can officially say I’m not sick of him! Good thing since I decided to marry him!! I was sad on Monday morning when I realized I didn’t get to spend the whole day with him and had to return to work.

Rob and Me skiing

Robbie and I skied a few days at Vail.  Only about 28% of the Mountain was open due to lack of the fluffy white stuff, which seems like it’s not that much but we didn’t even ski all of the 28%; it’s that big!  One of the afternoons Mac was able to meet up with us and take a few runs, It was easy to spot which way she went in her green jacket and red snow pants!

Mac and Me at the top of the Gondola

MacKenzie works at a really fancy/expensive seafood restaurant called Montauk where we visited her at the bar and had really yummy lobster macaroni and martinis.  The wait staff was really confused when they saw me sitting there and then saw Mac bopping around.  Some of them caught on that we were twins….I heard a “there is a girl that looks JUST like Mac at the bar!” a few times.

Me and Mac and Montauk

Karrisa and Rob at Montauk

The  hockey team Mac and Karrisa play for had a friends and family night since everyone’s family was in town for the holidays so Rob was able to play with everyone and I sat in the stands with Meiko.  I believe Rob was the only one WITHOUT full pads, he had some under his Redwings shirt but I bet he would’ve like to have had butt pads, too! Here’s Rob trying to score a goal on Mac…

Rob in Red, Mac in Yellow--blocking the goal

Meiko's watching the game

Four of our meals we ate at Moe’s in Lionshead at Vail.  They have amazing pulled pork sandwiches, banana pudding, and macaroni! For only $9 you get the sandwich, your choice of 2 sides, and a drink—for anyone that’s been to Vail, that’s a STEAL! Everything is overpriced in Vail, so overpriced the gas stations don’t even put the prices up on their displays.  I guess that’s the price you pay for living in paradise.

us at Moe's!

Going on vacation with Meiko was a real treat! It was so nice to come back from skiing and be tackled by her kisses and love.  She was such a good traveler, sleeping 16.75 of the 17 hours there, and 17 of the 17 hours back! I think Meiko had a great vacation too; she was spoiled with love and got a few special presents from her GrandPawents; A snuggie and some very durable squeaky toys!

meiko in her snuggie

Robbie got some really great shoes, and I got the best present ever….spending time with Rob, Mac Karrisa, and Meiko.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll get made fun of because it’s really not that funny… I had a VAILY good time –get it? Vaily instead of very… I know, I know.

sorry for the poor quality photos, I neeeeeeeeed more than just my iphone camera.

R and B.


This photo was taken 3.5 years ago and is still one of my most favorite photos of us.



It was one of our first photos together, can’t you tell by our over the top “i’m in love” smiles?! Six months from today I’ll bet we will be sporting the same smiles at our wedding!

Since this photo we have, graduated from Aquinas, moved to Madison, I’ve acquired a “big girl job”, Rob has made it through 2.5 of the 5 years of Bio-Analytical Chemistry doctorate program, adopted meiko, traveled and explored around the country, become engaged, have been planning a cottage chic wedding, and continue to learn from each other. Aww.

Don’t fly away!


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve sent out our save the dates so almost everyone should have received their copy.

We talked about doing the ever so popular save the date magnets.  We were  then quickly reminded that not everyone has a magnetic fridge…my parents being among that short list. So we decided to go the postcard route.

I thought about using vistaprint.com for  the printing.  When you sign up for their emails, they’ll send you at least an email a day, but in those emails you’ll find free products offered ALL THE TIME.  The printing would’ve been free after I had clicked on the email but I would’ve had to pay the $7 shipping charge, not so bad, eh?  However; we decided not to wait for the order and take the files I created to Officemax…all by myself in Illustrator, I might add.  Not the easiest program to use, so, go me.  Officemax had the postcards printed and cut within 30 minutes of walking through the door.  The whole reason behind not waiting was so that we could get them in the mail sooner rather than later (trying to avoid heavy holiday mail traffic!)   By going this route, I had created the files, had them printed and addressed/stamped all within 24 hours.  I think it was worth the extra couple dollars not having to wait.  Plus I was able to have my Grandmother and Mom help their opinions and addressing! Here’s the finished product!

save the date front (rob is flying away)

One thing I wasn’t going to compromise on was having rounded corners, I think postcards look 10times better with rounded corners. The back says, “don’t let this day fly away!” (Get it? Because Robbie’s flying away?)

save the date back

What do you think?!

Boston Terrier, Love.


I’d really like to spoil Meiko with this amazing food and water tray,

food station

Strangly, Meiko looks JUST like that when she needs some food.

feeder in use.

The company, “These Creatures is committed to donating a percentage of our annual profits to non-profit organizations working to make the world a more livable and sustainable place for all creatures. ” I really love this product, but $175 is out of my price range.

A product that is more in my price range is this cute ornament. It looks a lot like a French Bulldog but we could get away with calling it a Boston Terrier…


Engagement Photos!


A couple weekends ago while we were in Grand Rapids for a wedding we met up with our photographer Genevieve McKeiver to take our engagement photos.  We had so much fun with Gen-she made us feel so comfortable! These are a few of  the photos she put up on her blog–thought I should share, too!









All photos in this post were taken by the amazing Gen! If you’re in need of a fantastic  photographer please check out her other work, shoot her an email, she is wonderful to work with!