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I’m feeling drafty.


I’m on this must get organized, complete my apartment kick.  Ever since I moved to here and into my own apartment Ikea.com has been in my bookmark bar for constant review.  My last apartment was a Studio. Just big enough for my full size bed and dresser.  I was kidding myself when I thought I’d be able to fit my ideal desk in that tiny cube I called home for 10 months. Now that I’ve moved into my spacious 745sf one bedroom, I’ve been able to think about how I want my desk life organized.   Ikea has this online option to check to see if the store near you has the item you love in stock.  For 10 months now Ikea has been out of my perfect desk.  The reason I’m in love with this desk is the Trestle legs have a shelf allowing for little use to the legs.  BUT, the best part,  the top can lay flat or if you are feeling extra drafty you can raise the top on an angle. 

Maybe luck will be on my side when I go down to Ikea on Saturday and my dream desk will be sitting in a corner with a light shining down on it waiting to go home with me.  Maybe.