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A True Madisonian


I was taking a look at the newest edition of Madison Magazine.  One of the feature articles informed the readers of 62 activities they think every Madisonian should attend this year.  Activities included checking out the Museum of Contemporary Art, take Meiko to one of the many great dog parks, shop on State Street, tour the Capital building, go to a concert at the Barrymore or Majestic, and many more cultural events around the city.  Among these activities was a checklist “You’re not an official Madisonian until you:”

“Enjoy an ice cream or beer at the Memorial Union Terrace.

  • I’ve had both-It’s one of my most favorite places to be in Madison enjoying beer and ice cream overlooking Lake Mendota with friends.

Me and Rob at the terrace

Scream your lungs out rooting for the badgers at a college sporting event.

  • Ada took me to a Badgers football game last year against Penn State.

looks like we had fun tailgating, too

Stroll down State Street.

  • My favorite shop on this street is called Pop Deluxe!

Take in the sights and sounds of quintessential Madison festivals: Willy Street Fair, etc.

  • Rob, Meiko, and I went our first year in Madison to the Willy Street Fair.

Experience Madison’s lakes-on the water by boat or skis, around the water on foot or bike, or out on the ice in winter.

Lake Mendota

Make a lap around the Capitol Square during the Dane County Farmers Market.

  • I LOVE the farmers market-pretty flowers, homemade baked goods, and fresh veggies/fruits.

mmmm freshly made that morning!

fresh cut flowers!

Catch a show at the Overture Center for the Arts.

  • I’ve caught shows at the Majestic, the Orpheum, and at the University—don’t they count?!

Andrew Bird Concert

Watch fireworks set to music at Rhythm and Booms.

  • I watched this my first 4th of July in Madison—I was two weeks old to Madison.

At least thumb through David Mollenhoff’s Madison: The Formative Years.

Cheer for the Mallards at the family friendliest of baseball games.

  • Robbie and I went with a great group of friends last year-for FREE- I just flashed a smile and got us tickets.

Pack a picnic and listen to Madison’s favorite outdoor music session: The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s Concerts on the Square.

  • This is always so much fun, packing wine and snacks while sitting with the rest of Madison on the lawn of the Capitol square listening to really talented musicians.

concert with Ada and Meiko

Develop an opinion on Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie Architectural Style.

  • I have opinions.

Realize that having so much fun stuff to do makes Madison great- even if you can’t get to it all!”

  • Madison is a great place to live!

I’ve completed quite a few on that list. I want to give a great big “THANK YOU” to Ada for opening my eyes to many of the great activities that she has showed me!  I guess I need to embrace I’m a true Madisonian, well at least for another 2.5/3 years until Robbie is done with his PhD and we get to explore another wonderful city!


A Vaily Good Time!


After spending 34 hours in the car and a whole week on vacation with Robbie I can officially say I’m not sick of him! Good thing since I decided to marry him!! I was sad on Monday morning when I realized I didn’t get to spend the whole day with him and had to return to work.

Rob and Me skiing

Robbie and I skied a few days at Vail.  Only about 28% of the Mountain was open due to lack of the fluffy white stuff, which seems like it’s not that much but we didn’t even ski all of the 28%; it’s that big!  One of the afternoons Mac was able to meet up with us and take a few runs, It was easy to spot which way she went in her green jacket and red snow pants!

Mac and Me at the top of the Gondola

MacKenzie works at a really fancy/expensive seafood restaurant called Montauk where we visited her at the bar and had really yummy lobster macaroni and martinis.  The wait staff was really confused when they saw me sitting there and then saw Mac bopping around.  Some of them caught on that we were twins….I heard a “there is a girl that looks JUST like Mac at the bar!” a few times.

Me and Mac and Montauk

Karrisa and Rob at Montauk

The  hockey team Mac and Karrisa play for had a friends and family night since everyone’s family was in town for the holidays so Rob was able to play with everyone and I sat in the stands with Meiko.  I believe Rob was the only one WITHOUT full pads, he had some under his Redwings shirt but I bet he would’ve like to have had butt pads, too! Here’s Rob trying to score a goal on Mac…

Rob in Red, Mac in Yellow--blocking the goal

Meiko's watching the game

Four of our meals we ate at Moe’s in Lionshead at Vail.  They have amazing pulled pork sandwiches, banana pudding, and macaroni! For only $9 you get the sandwich, your choice of 2 sides, and a drink—for anyone that’s been to Vail, that’s a STEAL! Everything is overpriced in Vail, so overpriced the gas stations don’t even put the prices up on their displays.  I guess that’s the price you pay for living in paradise.

us at Moe's!

Going on vacation with Meiko was a real treat! It was so nice to come back from skiing and be tackled by her kisses and love.  She was such a good traveler, sleeping 16.75 of the 17 hours there, and 17 of the 17 hours back! I think Meiko had a great vacation too; she was spoiled with love and got a few special presents from her GrandPawents; A snuggie and some very durable squeaky toys!

meiko in her snuggie

Robbie got some really great shoes, and I got the best present ever….spending time with Rob, Mac Karrisa, and Meiko.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll get made fun of because it’s really not that funny… I had a VAILY good time –get it? Vaily instead of very… I know, I know.

sorry for the poor quality photos, I neeeeeeeeed more than just my iphone camera.

On The Road Again.


We’re all set for our 17 hour road trip to Vail; we’ve got a full tank of gas, best friend (meiko) in tow, and a car full of smiles Here’s to a safe drive and good music to be played.

As my father always said while making sure we had everything we needed for our trip, “ski’s, boots, poles, gloves” I think we have everything needed to make this a great trip!

See you soon MacKenzie and Karrisa!

–update–we’ve made it through Iowa, now it’s robs turn to drive :)

Meiko love.


Meiko Meiko Meiko.  Golly, I miss that dog.  This past weekend we ventured to my parents house to do some wedding planning and to see my awesome old bosses, now friends at YourGameFace.

Because I had to work on Monday morning and Robbie caught the flu, making it unbearable to ride in the car for 5 hours, I left him with my parents for the week while I came back to the real world, to work.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, Meiko and my moms dog, Jack are best buddies.  Meiko will chase him around the yard for hours and since Robbie wasn’t coming back with me I left Meiko with him at my parents house.  It would be more fun for her anyways.  Rather than sitting in her crate all day, she’s had the luxury to lounge on the sofa, play with Jack and just enjoy her week.

Here is a photo of Meiko being a great sick buddy to Robbie while he sleeps to get better….adorable.

meiko rolled up comforting robbie.

meiko rolled up comforting robbie.

I forgot how lonely it is now that I don’t have her to snuggle up with, take on walks, etc.  I can’t wait for tomorrow night when I will be welcomed by her little dance of excitement when I walk through the door…well I hope I’m welcomed with the excitement and kisses!

trying to chew off an eyeball of the camel...

trying to chew off an eyeball of the camel...

I of course miss Robbie, too.

A Swinging Weekend.


I’m so glad I picked this sport up. Mostly to wear my pink saddle shoes, hit colorful balls, and carry my clubs in an awesome bag. But I do enjoy the game that I’ll (ideally) play for a lifetime. My dad takes me out for a round of 9 when I come home and the weather is nice. This past weekend, the weather was perfect and so was the company! For fathers day we got my dad that penguin, and for my birthday my sister got me a skunk butt, club cover.

My shoes are way more cute!

My shoes are way more cute!

Gotta thanks Ken, my co-worker for taking the shadow off my face!

A Concert on the Square


There is no way to be bored in Madison during the summer. It’s as if the winters are so horrible Madisonites take every opportunity to cram something in during the warmer weather.  

Imagine this all around the square...that's a lot of people!

Imagine this all around the square...that's a lot of people!

Every Wednesday The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra performs a two segment concert on the Capitol Square.  It’s really an enjoyable time.  The square fills up fast starting at 4pm, concert starts at 7pm, with blankets and lawn chairs covering the grass.  Picnic baskets are filled with cheese/crackers,  wine, and fruits are often spotted atop the blankets.  I’ve even seen small roll up tables that sit no more than a foot off the ground.   As you probably guessed, I go with Ada, Meiko, and my bug spray.  The rules are pretty simple, the chairs can’t be more than 6 inches off the ground and try not to talk…It’s basically just an excuse to get everyone that lives in Madison downtown to be social so I suppose the only rule that is followed is the chair rule.