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Pick More Daisies


The other day my friend Ada took me and Mekio for a walk around her neck of the woods.  She pointed out a really adorable shop called Pick More Daisies saying I would just love it.  I knew I liked Ada for a reason. She’s always looking out for my best interest, and sure enough I loved the shop. The curb appeal displayed an antique chair totally revamped and upholstered in a modern way.  It would’ve been nice to sit in that chair all day and watch the Willie Street pedestrians walk by…what a life.  The shop is filled with new and vintage products, often side-by-side. The products range from tiny tiny trinkets, soaps, furniture, flatware, jewelry, you name it they have it.  I was running out of time to look around, today but I have a stinkin’ suspicion that I’ll return ever so quickly.