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A Vaily Good Time!


After spending 34 hours in the car and a whole week on vacation with Robbie I can officially say I’m not sick of him! Good thing since I decided to marry him!! I was sad on Monday morning when I realized I didn’t get to spend the whole day with him and had to return to work.

Rob and Me skiing

Robbie and I skied a few days at Vail.  Only about 28% of the Mountain was open due to lack of the fluffy white stuff, which seems like it’s not that much but we didn’t even ski all of the 28%; it’s that big!  One of the afternoons Mac was able to meet up with us and take a few runs, It was easy to spot which way she went in her green jacket and red snow pants!

Mac and Me at the top of the Gondola

MacKenzie works at a really fancy/expensive seafood restaurant called Montauk where we visited her at the bar and had really yummy lobster macaroni and martinis.  The wait staff was really confused when they saw me sitting there and then saw Mac bopping around.  Some of them caught on that we were twins….I heard a “there is a girl that looks JUST like Mac at the bar!” a few times.

Me and Mac and Montauk

Karrisa and Rob at Montauk

The  hockey team Mac and Karrisa play for had a friends and family night since everyone’s family was in town for the holidays so Rob was able to play with everyone and I sat in the stands with Meiko.  I believe Rob was the only one WITHOUT full pads, he had some under his Redwings shirt but I bet he would’ve like to have had butt pads, too! Here’s Rob trying to score a goal on Mac…

Rob in Red, Mac in Yellow--blocking the goal

Meiko's watching the game

Four of our meals we ate at Moe’s in Lionshead at Vail.  They have amazing pulled pork sandwiches, banana pudding, and macaroni! For only $9 you get the sandwich, your choice of 2 sides, and a drink—for anyone that’s been to Vail, that’s a STEAL! Everything is overpriced in Vail, so overpriced the gas stations don’t even put the prices up on their displays.  I guess that’s the price you pay for living in paradise.

us at Moe's!

Going on vacation with Meiko was a real treat! It was so nice to come back from skiing and be tackled by her kisses and love.  She was such a good traveler, sleeping 16.75 of the 17 hours there, and 17 of the 17 hours back! I think Meiko had a great vacation too; she was spoiled with love and got a few special presents from her GrandPawents; A snuggie and some very durable squeaky toys!

meiko in her snuggie

Robbie got some really great shoes, and I got the best present ever….spending time with Rob, Mac Karrisa, and Meiko.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll get made fun of because it’s really not that funny… I had a VAILY good time –get it? Vaily instead of very… I know, I know.

sorry for the poor quality photos, I neeeeeeeeed more than just my iphone camera.




On Tuesday night Madison received 18 inches of perfect white snow.  It was so quiet on Tuesday night from the city going into hibernation I thought I could hear the snow fall…Wednesday morning came and the city was still silent.  Schools had a snow day, the malls shut down, the University shut down, and even I had an adult snow day from work! I think the only people who went into work were those who drove the snowplows.

quiet snow

Meiko loved her first blizzard.  She jumped through the snow like a little snow bunny–though, she didn’t really have a choice, it was either, jump or be left behind, so she jumped through the snow banks.

Snowball Meiko

Having this snowday was really beneficial, I was able to tone up my arms by shoveling for two hours and make sure my snow pants fit for our trip out west in a week–and they do!

me and meiko in the snow

I have to thank Jane (!) for mentioning in her blog that the falling snow was a feature for all WordPress bloggers.   I  investigated the setting and now for your enjoyment, I bring you…..snow falling from my blog top, well at least until January 4th! Enjoy this fake snow as much as I love the real snow :)

Smell this.


What is my favorite smell? Lavender? No. Cinnamon Buns? Yummy but, no.  Meikos breath? Absolutly not.  The smell I love is…..snow!

( I know I've used this photo before--but it's so cute)

Today I smelled and saw my first snowfall of the year.  It’s a refreshing scent and look to the area.  I love it, it’s beautiful and clean!  People in the area are already complaining about the weather…don’t they realize they live in the Midwest, where it snows? Their “bah-humbug” spirits about the weather wont get me down though, I’m embracing the winter this year, especially since I don’t have to get in a cold car this winter!  The Tucson has an automatic car starter, lucky me!

Having the snow fall tonight was so great, it’s finally starting to feel like winter and the holiday season.  Robbie, Meiko, and I start our trek out west in 2 weeks to spend Christmas with MacKenzie and Karrisa.