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Idea–>Magic Button!


I have an idea!

and big tonsils

What if I told you, I had a magic button that would make your life easier? You’d want to know what that button was, correct?

I’m here to tell you today, you can subscribe to my blog with one click of a button.  Instead of having to check my blog every 10 minutes to see if I’ve updated, you will be sent a magical email letting you know I’ve updated.

All you have to do is head over to the right side of this page to the third green box and type in your email address… Easy Peasy. So, go ahead, sign up…it’s free!


Chihuly = Happiness.


I was “getting inspiration?” while at work today and came across this Brooch, online.


It made me think of how Dale Chihuly‘s work makes me smile. During his design process he splatters paint around, on paper, before he gets started on the glass blowing.

Aren't they lovely?

Aren't they Lovely?

Each one of those drawings will turn into something beautiful, like the photo below. Take a look around Chihulys Website. It’s impossible to be unhappy while looking at his creations.

Bridge of Glass

Bridge of Glass

First Lady Fashion


The new fashionista to Jackie Kennedy…Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain?

If I were to choose who would be President like I do with who would win the SuperBowl, based on fashion, of course.  I would probably vote for Obama, simply because his wife, Michelle, has such a sweet simple sense of fashion and they look so darn cute together.  Too bad that whole being republican thing gets in the way of fashion.


photos taken from google images.