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Frozen Furbabies


There’s really no way to say this gracefully.

If you wouldn’t want to be outside in this weather, then your pet certainly doesn’t want to be outside either.

Last night, it was 3 degrees out. Warmer than many places in the country but still VERY cold.  I cuddled up on the couch with my little Meiko next to our pellet stove and stayed nice and cozy.

Pellet Stove Warmth

Pellet Stove Warmth

When it was time to go to bed, our neighbors dog was outside and barking.  About 15 minutes later it was still outside whimpering and barking. In my opinion, that is way too long for most mammals to be outside in that temperature.  At that point I was really concerned for the dogs safety. I quickly bundled up and made my way over to my neighbors house, knocked loudly while trying to pet the dog to warm her up.  Our neighbor was just standing in her kitchen fully knowing her dog was outside in the freezing cold, barking.  She apologized thinking I was over there thinking the barking woke me up. I told her I didn’t care about the barking I was only concerned for the dogs safety due to the frigid weather.  She let her dog in and I tromped back to our house.

Please, please, PLEASE let your dog outside to do its business and let it right back in….otherwise I might come over and throw you outside.