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The Briest


It’s a little bragging moment on the blog…

My friend Karen and I have been going to the local Crossfit together.  Yesterday morning’s WOD (workout of the day) included a total of 30 handstand pushups—and I did them! It looked something like this, but without the little helper person and a much cuter outfit.

band assisted handstand pushup

band assisted handstand pushup

I would like to strongly thank the ½ year that I took tumbling/gymnastics when I was little, my ballet training, but mostly the dedication I’ve put on my yoga mat this year. I was able to gracefully get into the handstand position yesterday, go through my reps, and continue the workout. You can just call me, The Briest. It’s a name my sister gave me instead of calling me a bridezilla. Now I use it when I’m angry or when I’m being a badass.


Lunge Butt.


According to wikipedia a lunge is…
“a weight training exercise that is used to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, gluteal muscles and the muscles comprising the “hamstrings”, the semitendinosus, the semimembranosus, and the biceps femoris.”

I now know where all those muscles are because I have a serious case oflunge butt! it’s a good problem to have , right? It means I did my lunges correctly the other day and my butt will be back in it’s correct place. I’ll take the pain, even if it means I walk around the office looking funny.

that's exactly what i look like... ha!

I give my friend, Karrisa  lots of applause, she telemark skis down the mountain everyday while working as a Yellow Jacket for Vail, poor thing! So, she basically lunges down a mountain as her career–the result, a cute butt!


I don’t have a photo of Karrisa skiing-sorry.  So here’s a photo of my father, Karrisa, and sister–Mac!