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half a year of happiness


Last year, as I’ve mentioned several times, I began a regular yoga practice.  I had dabbled a few times with yoga in 2011 and 2010, but never really found a place for it in my life on a regular basis.

I’m proud to report that I attended 184 yoga classes in  2012. (yes, I kept track–and you should too!)  If my calculations add up correctly, that’s a tiny bit more than half of the days in the year.  So ultimately,  I went to a studio, learned about the yoga practice and of myself, every other day last year.   How cool is that? I’m not sure I’ve done anything that regularly, ever(!)…except go to work/school, but that’s not as cool as going to yoga half of the year.  :)

These are the studios where I practiced in 2012;

Some of my favorite/trusty yoga products this past year have been,

The Mat by Luluelemon This mat is amazing.  Since most of my yoga practices are in a heated studio, sweat is abundant. The Mat soaks up the sweat leaving me  stable during my practice without feeling like I’m on a slip and slide.  Some people opt for a towel over their expensive mats, but, I think it’s better to just buy “The Mat” and only carry one item around.

 Prism Pants by Prana As soon as these pants come out of the dryer, they are on.  They have a nice rise to the waist band, and the crop sits nicely below my calves.

 Cool Racerback tank by Lululemon  I have this tank in several different colors.  I’m able to move freely without the tank rising up or down, depending on the position I’m in. The luon fabric is also really nice as it wicks away moisture.

Water bottle by Camelbak  Gotta stay hydrated! My water consumption increased significantly once I purchased these water bottles.

 Headband by Bondi Band Keeps the sweat and hair out of my eyes—I know I don’t look fantastic wearing one of these with my short hair, but it’s yoga, we are (or at least should be) in a judgment free zone.

Here’s to another year of happiness!

Flexible Turkey


Flexibility. It’s something my hamstrings and brain are working on. Thanksgiving day proved to be another day where I explored both forms.

Cousin Katie and I started our Turkey day with several twists, forward folds, and chaturangas at Mighty Yoga.  The class was a donation based class where all the proceeds went to the local Loaves and Fishes.  It was great to get our bodies moving for the feast we had planned later that day.  Once we arrived back at the house, we started chopping, peeling, and dicing for the side dishes to pair with Rob’s Butterball Turkey.

Around 1pm, when checking/basting the turkey, we noticed it wasn’t very hot.  After  fussing with the oven (which is only 5 years old) we determined it wasn’t working.  Rob immediately got on the phone with our landlord while I took a moment to take a breath wondering how we were going to finish cooking everything we had planned on the menu.  Rob came back in, told me we can use the neighbors oven.  He took the turkey over, created a nice list explaining the oven timing for the turkey/stuffing/rolls/acorn squash/etc.  GOOOOO ROB! He also made a nice nest in the backseat of the car for all things to lay on so they wouldn’t tip or burn the seats.  After several trips back and forth with new items to be cooked Rob, saved the day.

That’s the thing with being flexible.  We were unable to cook a majority of the yumminess in our own oven, but everything turned out to be just fine.  I have been known to over react or break down in situations like this, so I just took a step back and decided to make the best of it! We had family with us, a warm house, and were making fun memories…who cares about where we cooked the turkey.

Green Beans, Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash, Salad

Green Beans, Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash, Salad

Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Photos

It was a yummy, fun, and memorable first time hosting Thanksgiving! Don’t you like Rob’s turkey hat?

Colorful Table

Colorful Table



After a quick 40 hours of furniture building and exploring Ithaca, Rob flew back to WI for a month and a half to finish up his experiments and defend his thesis.  I used that time to organize the house, job search/interview, explore, read (a lot!), and immerse myself in yoga.

When Rob first mentioned we might be moving to Ithaca, I immediately did a Google search to make sure there was a yoga studio I would be happy practicing.  Good news for me, Ithaca has about a million studio in a 10 mile radius, so I was in luck.  I stalked yoga websites for weeks and decided Mighty Yoga is where I would find a home for my mat and practice. I was going to try all the studios in town but after understanding the language on each website I just knew I needed to be at Mighty Yoga.   My lovely and generous co-workers back in Madison knew how important yoga is to me and surprise gifted me a one month membership to get me started.

Mighty Yoga

Mighty Yoga

With that, I decided to do a 30 day challenge.  Let me tell ya, I wouldn’t do it any different.   Only positive outcomes resulted from this challenge/commitment to myself.

  • I immediately made friends with similar interests.
  • I instantly had a “family” thanks to the incredibly thoughtful staff at Mighty Yoga.
  • I had 30 days of results, strength, patience, and education.
  • I was hired by Mighty Yoga :)
  • Not to mention, I toned my body. I became a “MightyMe” (get the Mighty Yoga pun?)

Mighty Yoga hired me for a few hours each week to help with the retail merchandising and other misc. studio assisting that is needed.  I am loving this little side gig.  LOVING IT.  I love being a part of a community full of happiness and personal goals.

Tree at Ludllowville Falls

Tree at Ludllowville Falls

Now that Rob is back and that I have a full time job, I usually take a Monday Yoga Hiatus. A little extra time for Ithaca exploring, errands, etc. But once Tuesdays roll around, I’m really ready to get back on the mat! There are several workshops offered at Mighty Yoga so I’m trying to participate in as many as I can; ya know, to be a well rounded MightyMeYogi :)

This past weekend OmSync came to Mighty Yoga.  They are composed of a husband wife duo, he plays great live music while she leads an incredible 2 hour vinyassa flow practice.

OmSync at Mighty Yoga

OmSync at Mighty Yoga

With that, see some of you on the mat!



During the fall semester I didn’t make time for myself. My schedule was very strict. It looked like this:

Work 7:30-Noon…drive to school—School 12:30-:120 or 3:30 depending on the day…drive back to work—Work 1:45 or 3:45-5:30…drive home Make dinner and write papers/study/sleep, repeat. And on Thursdays I taught ballet until 9:15pm so I didn’t get any school work done. I was falling apart, I didn’t have any outlets or time for myself and I knew I had to change something before the spring semester started.

After trying out almost all of the yoga studios in Madison, I had purchased a Groupon deal for The Studio. It was a new hot yoga studio in town and about a mile from our apartment, so why not try it out over winter break?

I loved those 5 classes I took over break and how I felt in result of those classes. After hemming and hawing on whether or not I should become a member for unlimited classes per month, I joined. But not after asking these questions;  could I make time for myself over the spring semester? Can we afford it? What conflict will arise with my crazy schedule/Rob’s schedule/Meiko’s schedule? Rob was behind me joining 100%–he could tell how complete I felt when I came home from those first 5 classes and knew this is something I should do. We made it work in our budget and in our schedules. I mean, how could I not join..look at this place!

The Studio

The Studio–Pretty, eh?
*I did take this photo from their website

I became a member in January and started to attend classes every Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed with the occasional Fri/Sat class thrown in there. Having a 5+ class practice each week (I take 2 classes on Sundays) was just what my body needed over the spring semester. Because I became devoted to my yoga practice, I have much healthier habits as well. I drink A LOT more water, I eat healthier (it would be pretty embarrassing to be in class doing a forward fold after having Chipotle for lunch,) and I am a bit more patient. My yoga practice has transformed from just getting into the poses to exploring what muscles and structures in the body need to work properly and in conjunction with each other to get the most out of each pose.

A little about The Studio and why I love it…I kid you not, just walking through the entrance door I instantly fell in LOVE with The Studio — everything about this place is amazing. It has a fantastic atmosphere with wood floors, exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and beautiful windows overlooking either the water or the neighborhood below, depending on what room you are in. The staff is wonderful! They get to know you, are very knowledgeable in what each instructor brings to the table, and they really want to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome. Now, let’s talk about the incredible instructors. The Studio brings such talented and thoughtful instructors to its space. I’ve never been to another yoga studio where the instructors make sure you know what you are doing. Many places I’ve been to, I felt like I wasn’t welcomed or worthy of the instructors time because of my flexibility limitations/knowledge of poses/etc…not at The Studio. I never once felt inadequate at The Studio.  Of the 125 +/- classes I’ve attended this year, no two have been the same. Sure, we usually start in child’s pose and end in Shavasana but everything in between is a new experience and exploration.  It is because of the instructors here that I want to learn more about what my body is capable of and enroll in a RYS 200 hour teacher training. I want to soak it all in. I am still unsure if I want to become a yoga instructor or not, but I do know that I want to lean more.

Something that I learned over the spring semester is, when something is important enough to you, you make time for it. I was able to find an extra hour and a half to give myself a gift of happiness and health. This in turn made me much more productive in writing my 55 papers because I only had a small amount of time each night to work on them. My Dad always says “give the busy person the work to do, they’ll find time.” It’s true; by adding my yoga practice I accomplished a lot more each day and had the same schedule as the fall semester.

Ithaca does have a few yoga studios where I’ll be able to practice but I am really, really, really going to miss the space that made me “me” again when we move across the country. I’m also going to miss the people and instructors The Studio has introduced me to. Fortunately, I have a month and a half left to sweat a bunch and continue my growing practice at The Studio with the empowering instructors and friendly yogis and yoginis.

Namaste :)

PS. This is a funny video of “shit yogi’s say”…I found myself sounding like this after a short while of a somewhat daily practice…